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What We Provide!

About LoveLens Services

Our job is to capture EVERYTHING! Moments you wouldn’t think would be captured we do! We are very blended in with the guests, All shot with the latest iPhones. We make stunning short reels, and if you want fun tiktoks of whatever the hottest trends are in that time! (Morning transitions/ glasses trend etc.) It adds a bit of fun to the day ! We provide one long full day video which is approx. 2 -4 minutes long, and then 1 minute reels in between of moments like the getting ready in the morning, or the ceremony etc. We’re the biggest hype girls on the day! 

The best part about it is that you get 100s-1000s of unedited photos and videos the next day! So you can wake up the next day and relive the day! Edited videos 24-48 hours later. 

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Meet the Team


Hello! I'm Claudia, the co-creator of LoveLens, where we bring wedding stories to life with a touch of magic. My passion for capturing love in its purest, most candid moments stems from a childhood filled with family photos and home videos, courtesy of my wonderful adoptive parents. They instilled in me the value of preserving precious memories-something I now cherish as a mother.

I have a love for all things creative! If I'm not editing you'll find me drawing art, listening to music and dancing in heels!

I'm devoted to immortalizing your special day so that, like me, you can relive those fleeting moments time and again. Let's make your wedding reel unforgettable-I'm all about celebrating you!

Kayleigh & Claudia

Hey, I'm Kayleigh, one of the creators behind LoveeLens, where we tell stories through our lens while juggling the joys of motherhood to my wonderful little girl, each click captures a moment—a tribute to the love and creativity in my world

Beyond LoveLens, I love all things creative, I love to dance! I also work my magic with hair. The salon is my haven.

Life is a collection of moments, and I'm here to appreciate its beauty. Come join me in this adventure of creating beauty in all its forms.

Content Creators

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